What do successful women know that you don’t know?

Copy these ten secrets and you, too, may become a successful woman!

  1. Successful women know what is important to them. High on their list is usually family, faith, health and charity. Money is viewed not as an end, but as a means to achieving a lifestyle and financial security.
  2. Successful women have a longer term perspective with all of their assets. They understand that all investments go up and down in value, and need time to appreciate.
  3. Successful women have a team of trusted professional advisors with whom they consult regularly.
  4. Successful women have a plan and take action. They know that if they want to reach their life goals, they need to implement a plan.
  5. Successful women have specific life goals. They have specific monetary and lifestyle goals for every stage of their lives.
  6. Successful women accept responsibility and make decisions.
  7. Successful women are diligent in doing their homework. They research all investments and contracts thoroughly.
  8. Successful women live within their means. They are frugal. They spend on what is important, but they don’t overspend their resources.
  9. Successful women keep their finances in neat order so they know where they stand. . They are organized and review their assets regularly.
  10. Successful women know how they got to where they are. Because they have constantly monitored their financial progress, they know exactly how they got to where they are today.

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