What is a SISTERS Club (And Why You Need One!)

A group of women united with a cause can do anything. Look at Girl Scouts. Those moms are the most efficient, earth-moving, mountain climbing, teen-motivating people on Earth. Who else would pack up four SUV’s full of teenagers with camping supplies and take off for a weekend in the wilderness? And then repeat that exercise or a similar one, again and again for years, forging characters in the process?

Look at what women have done for breast cancer research. Thirty-five years ago, a handful of women met in the living room of Susan G. Komen’s sister, Nancy Brinker. Susan had died from breast cancer. Before she died, Susan extracted a promise from her sister, Nancy, that she would do something about breast cancer. And so started the breast cancer research movement. Thirty-five years later, Susan G. Komen for the Cure™ has raised over one billion dollars for breast cancer research. That’s the power of women with a cause!

When is the best time to start?

It is time now for women to rally to their own cause – retirement security. I predict this will be the number one economic issue facing senior women in the coming decades. Women deserve retirement peace of mind. Did you know that according to the US Census, women in their eighties are the population group second most at risk, after children, of living in poverty?

Women need to come together to combine their strengths and skills to generate income for retirement. Women need to create SISTERS – Several Stackable Income Streams to Empower Retirement Security. Women need to establish several stackable income streams for retirement, because one income stream may dry up, like employment income or child support. Women need to band together to use all their moxie to protect themselves from hardship and create financial security in retirement.

How to take control of your finances

How? By starting a SISTERS Club. A SISTERS Club is a group of women united together to support each other in creating retirement income security. It is like a bridge club or a book club, but instead of playing bridge or discussing books, women create small businesses or investments to enrich their retirement. No matter how old you are, you are not too old to create retirement income. You will live twenty to forty years in retirement, and you will always need income.

When women come together in a Club, they create hope, structure and consistency. They share ideas and learn from each other. They discuss their successes and challenges, and help each other resolve problems.

Do you think you are incapable of starting a small business? Think again! Mrs. Fields started a cookie company. Mary Kay Ash started a cosmetics company. Muriel Siebert started an investment company. Martha Stewart started a catering company. What are your skills? What are your interests?

A small business does not have to be sophisticated. But it does have to be smart. Above all, it must generate income. Women underestimate themselves and their abilities. They downplay the number of high-level skills they already have just to manage a family – planner, purchaser, budgeter, scheduler, negotiator, transportation manager, menu preparer, organizer – in short, CEO!

Why start a SISTERS club?

Why should you start a SISTERS club? Because if you are like the average woman, you will need more income for retirement. You have worked a lifetime earning far less than your male counterparts. You have spent your time and money taking care of kids and aging parents. Like most women, you have put yourself last in order of priority. Consequently, you may have much less in savings than you will need to get you through retirement. It is imperative that you start now to create a SISTERS club to figure out how to create income for retirement.

A SISTERS Club creates an environment where women can join together and brainstorm. Women can combine their talents to create income generating business ventures – either individually or as a group. They can pool their skills and resources to compliment and augment each other’s abilities. Perhaps one woman has marketing skills, another is good at strategy, a third has good accounting abilities, and yet another has an idea or prototype for a product.

Women must think out of the box in order to thrive in retirement. For example, most retired women live alone and pay all their own household expenses. Often, they have very little left over for retirement savings or to put into a business venture. What if women were to engage in residence sharing? That would give them as much as fifty percent more every month to put into income generating vehicles, such as dividend-paying stocks or a small business.

What do you need to start your club?

What do you need to start a SISTERS club? You need a place to meet, a few friends, a pad of paper and an idea. And perseverance. Pick those friends with whom you are compatible, and who share your work ethic and enthusiasm. Then go to www.sistersretirement.com and register your SISTERS club. There you will find resources to help you learn how to start a SISTERS club. You will learn how to start a business and write a business plan. You will also find a “Share Your Story” tab, where you can share your successes.

By creating collaborative economic teams for financial success, women can effectively create income streams that will support them well throughout retirement. Women need to step up now and take responsibility for their own retirement. Most women will not get pensions and Social Security is not enough to live on. Give yourself the gift of financial security in your senior years.

Your next step

It’s up to you. Take the challenge now. Start a SISTERS club – no matter how old you are. Have fun with it. Secure yourself for retirement. No one else will do it for you. And no one else will live your retirement lifestyle for you. Create SISTERS – Several Stackable Income Streams to Empower Retirement Security. You will need several stackable income streams for retirement. Join with other women to create the great lifestyles you want, made possible by the income streams you create. Together we are stronger. Women with a cause can do anything. Make that cause your retirement security.

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